Friday, 19 December 2008

Sunshine Cake

Winter months are full of festivities and parties meaning lots of good food...These past weeks have been a whirl of dinners with friends and family(im still counting how much turkey i have consumed).I made this cake since its light and really refreshing. Its an orange cake with soft sponge and mandarin frosting. A citrusy end to a heavy winter's meal.Delicious!


Michael said...

That looks very delicious. I like the color of it especially, although, I was hoping it would've been mango (that could work too, right?).


Fin-ish Me Cupcakes said...

Mango would definitely work!BUtthis is extra sour and citrusy ..really refreshing to eat :)

Candle Fusion East Meets West said...

Oh I would love to taste this cake !!!