Thursday, 10 February 2011

Valentines 2011!/album.php?aid=282323&id=261278247158
Please follow this link for more pictures of the various box sets and cakes we have available for this valentines naka. This box set is called "love"


In the victorian times men courted women with love poems and tokens of love. This box is inspired by that era. We placed vintage victorian cards in these boxes as a charm for your loved ones.

Orchid Cake

Pearly orchids adorn this two tiered cake. We can make it into any colour combo you like.

New flowers

We have many new flowers in this new year you can have them made into a pretty box of flower cupcakes.

Chic Handbag and accessories box

Strawberry roll

Our strawberry rolls are one of our most frequently ordered cakes. YOu can request to have them made into themed cakes also.

Jewelry Box Cake

Jewels and precious gems.

Unicorn Cakes



Central Toys Event

Cupcakes ordered for events can be placed in nice containers. We have several types for clients to choose from.

Customise your cupcakes

Send me the reference and i will make you a box that only you and the receiver understands the meaning of :)))

The Wealthy Blonde

COmissioned for a younger bro who loves money and blonde chicks:))


Yoga yoga yoga...


Red Velvet cake for a peanut lover:))

Bouquet Circlet Cake

Pretty flowers adorn a standard chocolate cake

Lemon & Chocolate Tart

We don't only bake novelty cakes. Here at Fin-ish me cupcakes we are also known for our various desserts tarts and standard cakes. This is a fantastic lemon tart made with fresh lemons and a dark chocolate mirror tart.

Lotus Pink Kelly

One of my most favorite colour for a handbag cake.