Saturday, 17 February 2007


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For Orders:

9 am- 10:30 pm

02 158 5019, 086 888 1881

Fin-ish Me Cupcakes


Large Boxes:

Box of 36 Mini price: 900baht
Box of 16 medium price: 800baht
Box of 9 Large price: 850baht

Premium Boxes:

Box of 36 Mini price: 1100baht
Box of 16 medium price: 1000baht
Box of 9 Large price: 1050baht

Small Boxes:

Box of 18 Mini price: 450baht
Box of 8 medium price: 400baht (min @2 boxes)
Box of 4 Large price: 425baht

Premium Boxes:

Box of 18 Mini price: 550baht
Box of 8 medium price: 500baht
Box of 4 Large price: 525baht

* premium boxes comes decorated with our special sugar paste & icing flowers

The Shabby Chic Box
The Hibiscus Box
The Tea Rose Box
The Frangipani Box

Orders of 1 box two flavours, for 2 boxes 4 flavours, 4 boxes up all flavours can be ordered
* extra 250 bht surcharge for fondant decorations, these are all handmade making your cupcakes unique for that special occasion.

We have specially made candles for your cupcakes
The Happy Birthday set 55Baht
The Princess set 55Baht
The assorted set 60bht ( flowers, balloons,stars angels)

Orders placed one/two days in advance. Cupcakes can be delivered with charge of 200/250 baht. They can be picked up at Sanambinam or delivered in this vicinity with delivery charge of 150bht.0868881881 NamFon,

We also have a cake and pie menu that can be emailed to you


Cupcake Flavours:

Banana Peanut Butter- Banana cupcake with peanutbutter creamcheese


Chocolate Fudge- Moist chocolate cake with double fudge


Strawberries&Cream- Vanilla cupcake with strawberries

mascarpone whipped cream frosting

Raspberry Surprise- Vanilla and raspberry cupcake with vanilla

buttercream and berry sauce

Cookies & Cream- chunky cookie cupcake

buttercream & cookie frosting

Vanilla Vanilla- vanilla cupcake with vanilla


Carrots & Creamcheese- these can be ordered

with/out pecan nuts

Chocolate Maltesers- Chocolate malt cupcake

White choc buttercream and maltesers

Vanilla Sundae- Vanilla cupcake dressed like a

Sundae icecream topped with maraschino


Chocolate chip Cookie dough-

Choc chip cupcake with cookie dough hidden


Assorted fruit cupcakes-

blueberry cheese,pineapple surprise, kiwi

twist, peachmelba, mango passionfruit

(assorted in a box) 4 flavours per box

*can also choose strawberries or


*Flavours are updated frequently every month

Cake Menu

Carrot cake- moist carrot cake with pecans on cream cheese


Strawberry Charlotte Shortcake - light sponge Cake with cream


Strawberry Honey Roll Cake- Japanese honey sponge with chantilly

cream and strawberries

ChocolateFudge Layers -Chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting

Fudge Kit Kat Cake - Moist chocolate cake layered with kit kats

packed to the extreme...for kit kat lovers only

Raspberry & Cream cake- vanilla shortcake with raspberry coulis and

fresh raspberries

Banoffee Pie- bananas & caramel whipped cream*


Blueberries&Cream Cake- Blueberry shortcake with mascarpone whipped

cream and blueberry filling


NewYork – classically delicious

Brownie Cheesecake-vanilla cheesecake with brownie bits inside

Blueberry- a special recipe for blueberry lovers

Raspberry lemon- light as a soufflé with whole raspberries hidden inside

Marbled Chocolate Vanilla- chocolate swirls with vanilla cheesecake comes in dark and milk chocolate( highly recommended)