Monday, 26 January 2009

Ribbons & Violets

Ribbons, violets,antiques and lace such a romantic for all these things..Another chocolate cake, this time i thought lets dress it up abit ribbons! Don't you think it gives the cake a little something extra?

Thursday, 22 January 2009

White Chocolate Cheesecake

This is the best time to have white chocolate desserts! I mean this is because hubby brought back from europe 10 kgs worth of the most deliciously scrumptious white chocolate ever. I just couldnt resist...i had to make double portions of an order i had for this white chocolate cheesecake.Ooh lla lalalala my friend came over today and we shared a couple of pieces between us...we both agreed that this is the best cheesecake i've made to date!:)p.s the topping is the best part...white choc mousse with shavings

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

White Chocolate Fudge Cake

White chocolate cake filled with fudge cream filling and frosted to the nines with white chocolate buttercream laced with lots and lots of white&milk chocolate flakes.

Magazine Shoot

This was part of a photo shoot i did last tuesday. They decided to include my cakes in one of the shots...the makeup artist was such a sweetie helping with the decorating!It was soo nice of the magazine to include my cakes:)

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Blueberry White Chocolate Roll

Blueberries rolled in fresh cream and white chocolate..Light and enjoyable...Im actually really enjoying getting orders for these customers have been daring me to come up with newer fillings...if u have any ideas please drop by the comment box!! I'll be sure to read them!

Happy Birthday!

This weekend we celebrated my close friend's was a great occasion lots of good food, wine and ofcourse delicious cake and company!Happy birthday naja Pai:)

Flourless Piece of Divinity

This was a really yummy piece of's flourless and really chocolatey..i couldn't imagine anything could taste good without flour..boy was i wrong!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Cherry Roll

Chocolate sponge cake roll with whipped cream,cherry compote and fresh cherries. Perfect for cherry lovers!

The Lizzards Are Here

This order i made specially since im not a fan of lizzards or all things creepy crawly:) They come in a family of all sizes and colours !Huhuhuhu

Roll Sizes

So our rolls now comes in two sizes being large and medium! Im working on them in the small version too. We have an order for them coming up soon and i will post you the size difference for you all to see...Arent they cute! I have a roll range and also a cupcake range.. u can now chocse and tailor make the perfect size for any occasion!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

The Caterpillar Has Arrived!

I love this cake well making it. Soo girlicious since it's for a well let's guess...a little girl's bday. Chocolate cake frosted with ganache and covered with white chocolate buttercream...a one of a kind..comes in all colours depending on what u'd like!!!!

New Cupcake Flavours

These are two new flavours im adding to our cupcakes menu.The first being chocolate cupcakes swirled with crunchy peanut butter and frosted with creamy peanutbutter choc frosting. Now this second one is a cookie,milk & cream cupcake..takes me back to the days when i used to dunk my oreo cookies in milk...esp delicious with cookie white choc pieces sprinkled ontop.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Guylian Seashells Cake

Chocolate cake decorated with my favorite Guylian seashell chocolates...Perfectly placed on a square shaped cake. They really remind me of Belgium and the seafood restaurants famous for their mussels:)

Birthday Cupcakes

I received another email today from a lovely customer who ordered birthday cupcakes for her cute son...

Khun Namfon ka,

Thank you very much for your cake na ka. Tang, my son, was proudly shared the cupcakes with his friends. The teacher said it was the perfect size and the taste was so good ... small but soft. His friends said Tang's cake is the best cake ever!

The Strawberry Roll was also so delicious. Very light .. but heard some comment that it would be pefect if there's more strawberries :)

Thank you,

Khun Noi ka thankyou for the lovely comments... i'll make sure our strawberry rolls will be loaded with strawberries naka!:)

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

RIP my love 3 November 1995- 3 January 2009