Monday, 26 July 2010

Princess Rose

Beautiful princess cake fit for any young girl's dream bday cake.

Pokeball & Pokemon

Favorite cartoons can be made into a theme box.


For "him"

Designer items for the trendy man.

Classic Black Jumbo

A most wanted item for every chanel lover.
A st

Mew Soya Drink

3d soya drink cake.

Character cupcake giftboxes

YOu can have the person you are giving the cake to made into a cupcake face.


Dinosaurs and volcanoes a super cake for any little boy.

Butterflies and Summer Blooms

Fantastic summer shade with real rings to keep even after the cupcakes are long gone.

BMW family outing

Car cakes with an even more personal touch.

Yo Gabbas and the Interior Designer

This cake was ordered for a client who was giving it to her aunt and for a young boy who loves the Yo gabbas. I was asked to incorporate them into the cake. So i thought of it being a theme whereby the interior designer was designing a play room for the Yo gabbas.

Wonder woman

This is one of my favorite cakes since i love comic superheroes.p>

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Medieval Princess & The Unicorn

One of my favorite themes. A really romantic cake defining folklore and old age romance.

Monogram Roses Neverfull & Speedy

Two favorites for any LV lover.

Estee Lauder New Counter Reveal

This was a large 15 pounds cake i made to replicate their new beauty counter unveil at Paragon.

ZOOd Noodle Cake

Chocolate cake made to look like a bowl of Kuay tiew rue"boat noodles".

Favor Boxes

Kids party thankyou giftboxes.

Wine & Champagne cakes

we can make u any type of liquor u'd like. The cake design ..not the flavour of the cake naka!:))


Super delicious Mixed Berries roll.

YO Gabba Gabba!

Cake and matching cupcakes.

The Ferret & The Dog

Cute pets make up a cute cupcake box!