Friday, 27 February 2009

A Very Special Note to Our Customers

Our flowers will be arriving next week from abroad. These are very special, beautifully handmade sugar flowers. We have an enchanting selection. Please drop by We are taking orders now.
They can be ordered for cakes and cupcakes. Since these flowers are so unique they can be ordered under our new premium cupcakes/cakes design boxes.So if you're thinking of a present for someone special these flowers will surely dazzle!
These flowers are unique and cannot be found in Thailand except at Fin-ish Me Cupcakes.
* We have a limited amount so first come first serve basis

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Chubby Tg's

Theres a funny story behind this order.I received it and was requested to decorate the cupcakes with airplanes..well hubby was playing with Fin and happened to be making some fantastic imprintations with the molds..and hey couldnt believe my eyes but there was the cutest mold of an airplane amongst Fin's play doh set.Hubby was such a life saver..couldnt quite imagine how to make a proper looking plane huhuhuhuhu

Friday, 20 February 2009

A Colourful Bday Box

This is esp for you naka Khun Ping:)

Brownie Heaven

I love cheesecake. Im always trying out new recipes with different creamcheeses..and im proud to say that im sticking with my current brand since it has no acidic smell, taste and is oh so soo creamilicious esp when lots of brownies bits are chopped in.Cheesecake Heaven!

Tarte Tatin

My mother used to have this tarte as a staple dessert item when we were young and liviing in Geneva. I've always remembered it to be sweet caramel, tart apples on a bed of buttery puff pastry.Well it certainly brings back childhood memories!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

My New Blog

We have a new product line in the works which are decorating accessories. Fabulous for cupcakes and cakes alike. All flowers can be ordered on our cupcakes & cakes however they will be under our new theme boxes. For homebakers interested in purchasing your own flowers please view my new blog and email or phone me for pricelists.Our flowers are unique and cannot be found anywhere at the moment in Thailand except at Fin-ish Me Cupcakes.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Happy Valentines My Love!

This valentines was a really busy one i made alot of boxes which were decorated for valentines.Most are red, white and pink..i chose a few of my favorites to post :) Happy Valentines! Aren't the candles and roses adorable!

I was sent these emails today..from the person who ordered the top box in this post.. and another customer it's soo nice to get this feedback:)

Thank you very much for made & created a lovely cupcakes na ka.
It's so cute & so tasty...(all of them) He loved them!! And his family too.

vam "
"Khun Numfon ka,

Thank you very much for your lovely cupcakes ka. It is certainly a delightful gift on Valentine’s day ka.


An Eggless Valentines

This was specially made for our customer who is a eggs were included in these cupcakes:)I just received this lovely comment..:)

"The eggless cupcakes were yummy delicious.My hubby never liked to eat cupcakes.It's the 1st time,I gave him cupcakes as a gift.He was surprised and he loved your cupcakes;)Designs were beautiful too.Thank you!!!" Wendy

15 February 2009 01:15

Friday, 13 February 2009

Dreamy cupcakes

My cupcakes were shot for a well known publication yesterday.These were the test shots...they look soo delicate and dreamy:)I love them

P.s all the flowers depicted can be supplied for all serious homebakers like myself huhuhuhu:)

Dancing Princesses

Don't you think the candles look super cute! My princess boxes now come with their own specially made candles:)
Jupper Mommy said...
Thanks for making this super cute mini cupcakes for my lovely valentine princess birthday "JUPPER"

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Sugar Roses

I've been in this business long enough to know that its difficult to get hold of beautiful decorations for cakes..especially cupcakes.So from next month onwards we will start carrying various icing, sugar paste and candle decorations for sale to all home bakers or just about anyone who loves to bake and would like an extra something special for their cakes to stand out for their loved ones.All the decorations for sale will be linked to a new blog so i will post the link for you.I just hope that this will be inspiring for home bakers to bake pretty cakes!Happy Baking!P.s...until the blog goes up just email me for details price and product lists!

Icing Flowers

A series of icing sugar flowers. Easter lilies,dafodils and petunias they come in all shades of pretty pastels.


Orchids on cupcakes are just too pretty to resist..they come in pink, white,lavender,baby blue and pink!

Tailored Made Candles

These candles are all handmade especially for my cupcakes! They come in all shapes, colours and letters. So if you'd like your cupcakes to be extra special and one of a kind please let me know in advance what you'd like written on the candles.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Thai cupcakes

This was another one of those challenging cupcake boxes i made..Not only writing in thai but also with thai numerals...phew thank god it came out right. My thai cursive is really like a 1st graders...but i was really intent on making this beautiful one letter at a time:)

Shabby & Very Chic

My Friend's mum is soo nice to be making me these wonderfully pretty roses in her spare time. They are soo shabby chic!I love them:)

Friday, 6 February 2009

The Princess Box

Cupcakes fit for a little princess! An assortment with little princesses in a garden. Tiara fit for royalty :)

Mocca latte

Box of minis especially made for, cream and delicious choccolately flavours. Perfect for an end of dinner treat.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Red White&Blue

Tri coloured roll with fresh berries and white chocolate. Light and very berrilicious!

Bicycling on a Summer's Day

This one was a difficult order to make. A request from a customer that wanted a bicycle themed cupcake box. I actually made a couple bicycles but they somehow melted with the xtreme heat on the day the order was dued!!! I had a few hrs till the delivery and had to whip up one with the fondant that was left. Well i had to prop the bicycle up within the grass...what apity cuz it started off as a racing bicycle theme (lance armstrong etc). I guess it came out a bit girly..but oh well accidents happen!!!

Homemade Banners

Just thought that my homemade banners are soo smashing when placed on the cake that i had to take a picture to show you all :)