Friday, 4 April 2014


Back to blogging has been my NewYear's resolution!
 I will update the newer cakes that I've been baking in our home kitchen.
Lets start off with one of my favorites from last year April 2013.

This was a carnival inspired cake. I baked this for a birthday party which had a Venetian Carnival dress code.I loved combining lace and  feathers to the cake. The highlight were the peacock feathers which adorned the top tierand the handmade lifesized sugar masks.

What i thought was very unique about this cake was the colour choice.
 In Thailand, black is considered a colour that is strictly used for funerals and mourning.
It's hard to find anyone that would use this colour theme for a birthday cake.

I really applauded my client, who as a modern Thai believes that black shouldn't be a taboo colour. Black is beautiful and one of the most fantastic when decorated on a cake. It's solid elegance really makes the cake striking especially combined with other colours such as turquoise gold and white.

This was indeed one of my most favorite of 2013.