Sunday, 5 September 2010

A La Netti

A la netti jewelry. Fabulous jewelry for the modern woman.


Japanese anime cake.

Juicy Wardrobe

Wardrobe cake.


Ben ten 2 1/2 pound cake.

Deloitte Green Dot Day

Corporate party event.

Cookie Monster

Love sesame street the cookie monster is one of my favs.

Jack of Hearts

Ordered for Khun Jack's birthday.

The Wealthy Money Cake

One of our most frequently ordered cakes. This is usually given to elders or a gift for business openings.

Manita Amanita

My Most favorite cake to date i loved the detailing especially the enamel flowers.

Turquoise Birkin

Fabulous birkin red velvet cake comes in any colour imaginable.

I Love Luxury!

Luxury brands adorn this box of cupcakes.


Stitch a favorite cartoon theme:))

Special standard Strawberry rolls

You can have your favorite roll and decorate in in any them you'd like.


Beautiful box with a pretty girl in green.

Paris J'Adore

Parisian chic cupcake box.

Eyeore in a field of Sunflowers

Two and a half pound cake with Eyeore playing in a field of sunflowers.

Lady Dior

Fabulous dior classic bag made into a cake.


Corporate event platinum cupcakes.