Saturday, 28 July 2007

Estee Lauder's Pleasures

Been really busy these two days...had a big order of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes for the Estee Lauder launch of their new perfume Pleasures on friday. Stayed up till late on Thursday night making cupcakes and swiss meringue buttercream...came up with new flavourings..such as Lemon honey, Vanilla almond and kiwi....just a different twist to the normal vanilla buttercream... I love martha's stewart's recipe....much lighter, fluffier and less sweet. Here are some pictures...the ones from the actual event I will post later when i get them from the event organiser... However just took two with my mobile phone when they were beginning to set up. Heard they all had fun decorating the cupcakes!!! ( the choc cuppies had to be glazed twice in order to be evenly glazed those in the pics were glazed once)

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Vanilla cupcakes a La Billy's NYC

Cupcake i tried Billy's vanilla VANILLA recipe it was great though a little bit denser than the kentucky recipe.... For the frosting i added some creamcheese and made it taste abit more creamier witha tang!!!!!This recipe is from Billy's Bakery in New york's a cupcakerie almost as famous as the cupcake mecca Magnolias! I will post the cupcakes i made from Magnolia's recipe soon!!!


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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Chocolate Ganache with Whipped Cream topping

One can never go wrong with chocolate and whipped cream..I got this really gorgeous recipe for rich chocolate cupcakes( 6 0z of chocolate for 12!) when they came out of the oven I dipped them in two layers of Milk Chocolate glaze then topped them up with fresh whipped cream with sprinklings of choc they taste incredible!!! One of my favorites cupcakes to date!!!!!!


Cheesecakes ...theres alot to be said about them. They can come in many flavours and toppings, made from alot of cheeses, baked or non etc...However they all taste divine...just biting into a piece is cool, refreshing, soft sweet with a creamy velvet tang...Nothing describes it best till you've had a taste yourself. For me I've tried making a variety of cheesecakes ranging from mangoes to passionfruit...My favorites are Marbled chocolate and Pineapple cheesecakes Give a me a baked cheesecake anyday!!!!

Monday, 23 July 2007

Belated Birthday Bake

Having a belated birthday party at home tomorrow with family...guess who baked my birthday cake??? Me of course... Had alot of fun and made alot of mess in the kitchen!!Havent decided what to dress it up with yet...hmmm desicions decisions

Soft Fudge Chocolate Cake

The thing about chocolate cakes that there are soo many recipes to choose from..that you never know if you've got the ultimate one yet...Today I decided to try out two that I found in Cakes Galore and on the Internet....Both came out soft and extremely fudgey wudgey...Now which one to eat first???

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Cupcake day again!!! My sister came over today and saw the under dressed cupcakes and decided to have a go at jazzing them up...Boy they turned out really cute !!!!!

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Apple raspberry cake

Wow this cake really turned out nice and had crumbly edges but moist and tart inside perfect for eating with tea...definitely make this again...I got the recipe from Cakes Galore....added some lemon zests and lemon juice to the batter..smelt really good!!!

Friday, 20 July 2007

Various flavours

Ever since i went to kino at Paragon and found cupcake recipe books..i've just been baking non-stop...who would've thought there'd be a zillion options to bake... My favorites are the banana creamcheese , vanilla razzberry and lavender honey!!