Saturday, 20 June 2009

Pretty Princesses

A trio of pretty princesses.


Snooky doodle said...

Just adorable :)

Candle - Catering & Delivery said...

Very Very cute!!!

Tiny bakery said...

พี่ฝนขา มันน่ารักมากกกกกเลยค่ะ

คือบัวและเพื่อนอยากทราบราคาของดอกไม้แต่งเค้กของพี่อ่ะค่ะ ในบล็อคไม่เห็นมี พี่ฝนเมลราคามาให้หน่อยได้มั้ยคะ แล้วหนูต้องสั่งขั้นต่ำเท่าไหร่เอ่ย

อีกเรื่องนะคะ เรื่องโรลชาเลนจ์
แต่เค้าไม่ได้เขียนบล็อคสปอต คืออยู่ที่บล็อกแก็งค์กันอ่ะค่ะ ให้โพสที่นู่นได้ป่าวคะ ^^

Fin-ish Me Cupcakes said...

Bua ja please send me your email address again naja i will email the price list for you to see naka:)
Ofcourse they can post up in bloggang for sure:)

dannah5 said...

wow, they are just too cute to be eaten!!

I would love to know how to decorate them like that! T_T


Fin-ish Me Cupcakes said...

Thks dannah:)

Talita said...

How cute!! You make a great job! Congrats!

Fin-ish Me Cupcakes said...

Many thanks talita:)

dannah5 said...

Oh!! Thanks :D
In future i'll try to make 2 versions, ok?

Problem is, with 2 kids so difficult to manage one language! lol

By the way, ur kid is too cute!

I'll try to find a tool to translate it! :D

Hey, could u tell me how to make the princess? my girls birthday in october gonna about them, would love to see that in candy table!!
Ok, certainly not as good as urs, but worth a try! :D


dannah5 said...

Hi there, sorry i took too long to answer u, I'm recovering from a surgery!:D
How old are ur boys?

I had no idea about the princess, here in Brazil we are starting now to make cupcakes, we are more used to different kind of candies, really sweet ones ( like these ) they are really good, but dont know why they are common here and not outside of the country! lol

But still, ur decorating cakes skill is awsome!! :D

let me go, time to put the girls in bed!!