Sunday, 30 November 2008

Merry Merry Quiches

Individual quiches wrapped in cellophane bags cute as small gifts this holiday season!

Friday, 21 November 2008

Chocolate Roll

This is the season for chocolate log rolls! Well this one's not yet dressed for xmas. Yummy chocolate sponge rolled with chocolate buttercream frosted with chocolate ganache and crushed flakes. Yummilicious!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008



ส่งรูปมาให้ดูค่ะ เค้กน่ารักมาก ๆ จนไม่มีใครกล้าทานเลยค่ะ รอตั้งนานกว่าเด็ก ๆ จะยอมตัดเค้ก :)
เด็ก ๆ เห็นแล้วตื่นเต้นใหญ่เลยค่ะ บอกว่าน่ารักมาก ๆ ๆ



ปล แฟนชอบตับบดมากเลยค่ะ เสียดายสั่งไปแค่อันเดียว คราวหน้าละกันนะคะ :)"

This was part of a wonderful email i received from one of our customers.It just makes me inspired to keep on baking! Thankyou ka khun Oye

Monday, 17 November 2008

Party Gift Boxes

Gift boxes able to fit in brownies or mini cupcakes. Cute, pretty and adorably fun as presents!

Monday, 10 November 2008

Oreos&White Chocolate Buttercream Roll

Smooth creamy white chocolate buttercream rolled with crumbly oreo bits in soft melt-in your-mouth sponge cake...irresistably delicious!

BlueBerry Rolls

As you can tell from looking at my blog ...this seems to a "roll" phase.SInce they are soo versatile i just keep coming up with different fillings to roll them up with. Today bluberries and white chocolate whipped cream mousse was just the perfect pair.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

New Year Gift Boxes

Assortment of mini cupcakes arranged beautifully in a box. Able to choose up to six flavours per box. A wonderful present for Newyears or perhaps as dessert for a great party. Our Mini's also comes in a box of 18.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Crepes Cake

I made this to visit a dear friend of mine today. Her favorite dessert was always crepes!So today i made her a crepe cake with raspberry sauce....enjoy enjoy!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Chocolate& Violets Cake

This order was for a special customer ordering all the way from Brunei. Chocolate fudge layered cake..lots of chocolate and violets with gold dragees sprinkled ontop.

Cupcakes for Fin

I baked 2 dozen cupcakes for Finny to take to school.It was his first birthday celebration with other kids his own age.Even after eating his mum's cupcakes every time i baked...he still had plenty at his bday party!I had to post a picture for you all to see! That's how yummy baby thinks of mummy's cupcakes!

Chocolate white chocolate buttercream cake

This is a variation to my chocolate fudge cake since it is frosted with white chocolate buttercream and layered with fudge...A frequent customer of ours wanted to order the marshmallow cake but since she will be taking it to a party late in the evening i suggested something that would maintain better.

This is definitely a one of a kind cake!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Note to Customers

My very close friends runs an organic vegetables and eggs business.Lately i've had the chance to try out their products and incorporated them into my baking.

I have noticed a difference in the taste and hold of my cakes and frostings. Organic eggs really make the cakes fluffier and lighter. For those who have heard of organic but still aren't quite sure what it entails..."Organic egg production is the production of eggs through organic means. In this process, the poultry are fed organic feed. The poultry must have access to the outdoors and are in a cage-free environment. Organic egg producers cannot use antibiotics except during an infectious outbreak.The feed used to feed the chickens are free of GMOs and synthetic fertilization for three years before it can be certified for organic usage."

Organic eggs are healthier for human consumption.I can taste the difference in my cakes... happy eggs means happy cakes...Eventhough they may cost more but i believe in using only the best and healthiest ingredients in our cakes.

We strive to be better and would like to say the we have changed to using organic eggs in all our baking! Happy eggs=Happy cakes..hmmm this could be our new motto!..

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Baby turns Two!

Two years have gone by soo fast. I can remember making his first bday cake last year which was a pirate ship. Now this year baby's all grown up and knows what he wants! Its all things cars,hot wheels and mini cooper's ( the new model since granny drives it).Guess it all started with watching disney's "cars", now we're all basiclly tripping over car models strewn all over the house!

This year i made him a chocolate fudge cake with white chocolate buttercream decorated it like a race track.I placed "hotwheels" cars all over the cake's racetrack.Baby was all wide eyed over the cake!

Happy birthday baby Fin..Mummy loves you!