Saturday, 28 July 2007

Estee Lauder's Pleasures

Been really busy these two days...had a big order of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes for the Estee Lauder launch of their new perfume Pleasures on friday. Stayed up till late on Thursday night making cupcakes and swiss meringue buttercream...came up with new flavourings..such as Lemon honey, Vanilla almond and kiwi....just a different twist to the normal vanilla buttercream... I love martha's stewart's recipe....much lighter, fluffier and less sweet. Here are some pictures...the ones from the actual event I will post later when i get them from the event organiser... However just took two with my mobile phone when they were beginning to set up. Heard they all had fun decorating the cupcakes!!! ( the choc cuppies had to be glazed twice in order to be evenly glazed those in the pics were glazed once)

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Ja+ Timaporn Sankavadana said...

good job...too bad u didnt stay at the event