Saturday, 17 February 2007


Cupcake Flavours:

Banana Peanut Butter- Banana cupcake with peanutbutter creamcheese


Chocolate Fudge- Moist chocolate cake with double fudge


Strawberries&Cream- Vanilla cupcake with strawberries

mascarpone whipped cream frosting

Raspberry Surprise- Vanilla and raspberry cupcake with vanilla

buttercream and berry sauce

Cookies & Cream- chunky cookie cupcake

buttercream & cookie frosting

Vanilla Vanilla- vanilla cupcake with vanilla


Carrots & Creamcheese- these can be ordered

with/out pecan nuts

Chocolate Maltesers- Chocolate malt cupcake

White choc buttercream and maltesers

Vanilla Sundae- Vanilla cupcake dressed like a

Sundae icecream topped with maraschino


Chocolate chip Cookie dough-

Choc chip cupcake with cookie dough hidden


Assorted fruit cupcakes-

blueberry cheese,pineapple surprise, kiwi

twist, peachmelba, mango passionfruit

(assorted in a box) 4 flavours per box

*can also choose strawberries or


*Flavours are updated frequently every month

Cake Menu

Carrot cake- moist carrot cake with pecans on cream cheese


Strawberry Charlotte Shortcake - light sponge Cake with cream


Strawberry Honey Roll Cake- Japanese honey sponge with chantilly

cream and strawberries

ChocolateFudge Layers -Chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting

Fudge Kit Kat Cake - Moist chocolate cake layered with kit kats

packed to the extreme...for kit kat lovers only

Raspberry & Cream cake- vanilla shortcake with raspberry coulis and

fresh raspberries

Banoffee Pie- bananas & caramel whipped cream*


Blueberries&Cream Cake- Blueberry shortcake with mascarpone whipped

cream and blueberry filling


NewYork – classically delicious

Brownie Cheesecake-vanilla cheesecake with brownie bits inside

Blueberry- a special recipe for blueberry lovers

Raspberry lemon- light as a soufflé with whole raspberries hidden inside

Marbled Chocolate Vanilla- chocolate swirls with vanilla cheesecake comes in dark and milk chocolate( highly recommended)

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