Friday, 30 April 2010

Super Hero City

Superheroes come together in this Gotham like city scape. All are handmade from sugar. This is a four pound strawberry and oreo vanilla cake.

Pretty Pastel Princesses

A pretty box for young ladies who love all things princesses.

Fabulous Four Favor Boxes

You can choose basically four of your favorite cakes to put in this favor box. We make personalised tags for you to stick on each box.You can also request for ribbons and various other accents to make the boxes party perfect:)

Baxter Event

Cupcake cater for Baxter medical in house event.

Postcard this!

Just thought that cupcakes would make brilliant postcards!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


A large 10 pounds cake. Bottom tier chocolate fudge cake, middle tier vanilla strawberry cake and top tier is a blueberry cream cake. The tiger is a handmade sugar tiger and the cake was handpainted.


Handmade sugar cars cupcakes.

Anniversary sweets

My customer wanted her bf to have an anniversary and bday cake in one box. I made sugar cakes for them to blow on. It turned out pretty cute:)

Lilo& Stitch Hula

3 pound chocolate cake.Lots of summer fun!

Temple Offerings

Ordered as a giftbox.

Lavenders & Lemons

One of my favorite combinations.

Rubber Duckie..ure soo fine

Set of cute ducks for a baby shower. All ducks are handmade from sugar.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Chickens & Eggs

A cute set of chicken cupcakes for someone who loves all things chicken:))

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Ben Ten Cakes

Ben ten cakes.You can basically order it in any form you'd like :)

Cabbage Rose Buttercream Cupcakes

My two favorite flowers are the farland orchid and the cabbage rose. The cabbage rose reminds me of a frothy chiffon swirled ballgown something caught in the 18th century.

Eggless& Vegan Cupcakes

My son was allergic to milk for the first year of his life so i know how hard it is to have to avoid certain foods but still want them have something yummy to eat. Thats why we bake vegan and eggless cupcakes for ppl with food allergies or religious preferences.

Marines & Anchors

Marines giftbox

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Year of the Tiger

This was ordered for my customer's father birthday who was born in the year of the tiger. I handmade the tiger from sugar. The cake is a three pounds blueberry vanilla cake.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Floral Crate Cake

Comissioned for grandma's 80. This is a three pound chocolate cake with crushed oreos as the soil layer. Spring's favorites such as dafodils, hydrangeas, lily of the valley and roses adorn this one of a kind cake.

Monogram Roses

I added a LV scarve to it..thinks it makes it even cuter!


A favorite for the boys. This is a white Z4. Half the cake is oreo cake and the other is a chocolate fudge cake.

Characature Cake

I was sent this design from a dear friend who comissioned it to be brought all the way from bkk to celebrate a birthday in phuket.

Shopalicious Cake

Another version of our best selling shopaholic cake. This is a white chocolate fudge cake.

Friday, 9 April 2010